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“Senior leaders implement rigorous plans for improvement. Actions have a positive impact on standards and teaching which continue to improve.” (Ofsted 2013)

About our college

All Saints Catholic College is an 11-16 Specialist Humanities College situated in Huddersfield with very easy access to Brighouse, Rastrick and the M62 network, connecting easily with Leeds, Bradford and Manchester.

Our primary purpose is to provide high quality values led academic education for all our students and to develop the sporting, artistic, music and social potential of each and every one of our young people.

As a Faith College, we work hard to develop our partnerships with our parishes, our local, national and international communities, to outreach, learn from and support those in greatest need. This helps the college enjoy our unique status in Huddersfield as a Faith Comprehensive where we are able to serve the needs of those who seek a Catholic education around the Kirklees and Calderdale areas.


“We are proud of our students and staff and we are confident we provide a stimulating, creative, challenging and supportive environment for those who work and study here”



The most important part of any students experience at All Saints is their learning. We strive to provide the best possible teaching to facilitate the learning of our students. We are constantly employing new strategies and training our staff to ensure they help all our students learn to the best of their individual abilities. We regularly monitor the progress of each of our students and this starts during their primary transition and continues until they receive their GCSE results in Year 11. Regular assessments check progress against teaching and learning as well as providing opportunities for support and challenge where needed. We have a wide range of support strategies to help all our students achieve their potential, including mentoring, extra classes, one to one tuition, assessment advice, student conferences and meetings with parents and guardians on how best to help their children.


“I am on the council and we get to have our say in lots of decisions, including rewards”

(Year 8 student)


Extra Curricular

We believe that all our students should have a well-rounded experience while at All Saints and we provide a range of activities and opportunities including:

  • Football
  • Rugby League
  • Athletics
  • Cricket, basketball and cross country

Our students are encouraged to become involved with the ‘Arts’, school clubs and councils and recent productions of Aladdin, Guys and Dolls and High School Musical have created opportunities for students across all year groups to get involved. Many students have joined the school choir and dance groups enabling each to build confidence and get more involved in college life.



“Gospel values are promoted by the school’s distinctive Catholic ethos. As a result, students are tolerant, respectful and caring in the way they behave and interact with each other. Students feel safe in school.” (Ofsted 2013)



Emblem of All Saints - An explanation
The Dove = Symbol of the Holy Spirit
The Cross = Symbol of Jesus Christ
The Wavy Lines = The Waters of Baptism
The Fish = The Disciples being Fishers of People
"Unitas Christi" = Latin for "United in Christ" as all Christians should be
The shape is in the form of a shield. This is to symbolise protection and God being a Protector and shield to his people
Mission Statement
"To Love and Serve"
At All Saints Catholic College, our mission is to put Christ at the centre of our community, to lead everyone on their [a] personal journey based on the teachings and values of Jesus Christ. We aim to provide opportunities to nurture and develop the Faith handed down to us by the Catholic Church.  In serving God, and one another, we encourage everyone to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.
We strive to:
  • Share a life of faith through the celebration of the sacraments, through daily prayer and works of charity.  
  • Affirm the worth and contribution of each member of our college, through the celebration of achievement.
  • Support everyone to achieve their potential  in all aspects of college life, whilst having expectations of the highest standards.
  • Create an atmosphere of order and well-being, where self-discipline, responsibility and maturity are strengthened.
  • Ensure high standards of behaviour through a culture of respect for God, oneself and for others.
  • Develop as an out-reaching community;  to work in partnership with home, parishes and other local groups.
  • Prepare everyone to face the future with confidence by making a positive contribution to the wider community as global citizens, and living out the Gospel.
  • Celebrate our community life and achievements by praising and thanking God through prayer and worship.