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Business Studies

Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Business

What is a business and what does it do? The term ‘business’ can cover anything from a sole trader in a local market to a multinational corporation selling products to millions of people all over the world.


When you study Business at All Saints you will explore what businesses do, trends that affect them, how they operate and the factors that influence their success. When studying Business Finance you will explore the types of costs that businesses incur, from the initial start-up costs involved in setting up a business to the ongoing daily costs of running the business. You will then explore the ways in which the sale of products and services generates revenue, so that you can develop your understanding of profit.


You will explore different types of business ownership and how these relate to the size and scale of a business, as well as how the type of ownership impacts on the responsibilities of the owners of a business. Combined with looking at types of business model, you can begin to understand how diverse the world of business is. You will use your understanding of business language to investigate what businesses do by examining the aims and objectives they set, the importance of knowing their market and understanding the influence of their stakeholders. You will plan an idea for a realistic business start-up in your local area, based on your research, select a format and then present the business model and plan.


Also covered are units looking at how business using Branding and Marketing to gain the competitive edge over other companies. We will also aim to prepare students studying business for the outside world beyond All Saints by studying Employment and Recruitment and how to be successful when applying for college, apprenticeships or employment.