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Health and Social Care - BTEC

Essence Statement

To develop the student’s understanding of human needs and the interdependence of individuals and groups within the family and community in a culturally, socially and economically diverse society.
Teaching Staff
Mrs J Cockroft
Examination Details
NEAB Syllabus
Assessment: 50% examination. 50% on observational & research study on a single child between 0-5 years made over at least a period of 6 months.
Course Details
Subjects taught:
Factors which need to be considered when planning a family:
 pre-conceptual care  pregnancy
 birth  new born baby
 post natal care  care of a child in the family and wider society
 physical development intellectual development
 emotional and social development    play and toys
 children with a disability          accident prevention
 child care provision  health and services personnel
What can I do with a Child Development qualification?
Child Development has become a very popular subject area to study, with more and more job opportunities opening up in related areas. Many students go on to study the CACHE nursery nursing course which leads to jobs as nannies, nursery assistants and non-teaching assistants in schools. Others go on to further education and GNVQ Health and Social Care Intermediate or Advanced level, leading to work in the health service or in social work. A qualification in Child Development also helps in further studies, ie teaching, psychology, child health studies, nursing, social work and related areas. On its own, a GCSE in Child Development leads to a better understanding of parenthood.