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Design & Technology - Food Technology

Designing, Making and Investigation delivered through the material of Food.  Students will expand on the rudimentary skills learnt at KS3, develop menus and meals, their understanding of what is good for us and how we can make our lives healthier.

Examination Board and Specification:  AQA Food Technology (Code 4547)

Assessment Details:

Coursework: 60%.  This consists of a final coursework project, (a choice of projects set by AQA) that shows all the skills and knowledge acquired over the course. The final coursework project is undertaken in about 45 hours of supervised lesson time during Year 11.

Examination: 40%.  The written paper is designed to test the students’ understanding of making, applying appropriate systems and designing ability. A preparation sheet is issued on 1 March in the year of the exam, to highlight the design context to be covered in the exam paper.

Course Details:


The Nature of Food:  The Physical, Chemical, Nutritional, Biological and Sensory properties of Food.

Food Product Development:  Food as a material. Recipe development.

Practical Skills:  Investigation and experimentation techniques. Use of ICT to analyse Nutritional needs.

Project Work: Bread products suitable for children. Large scale production of sweet and savoury pastry products. Designing products for people with special dietary needs.  Designing a frozen luxury dessert.

Industrial Practices:  Mass production of food items. Prototyping, etc. Links with local manufacturers. Health and Safety.


Y7 Food Technology 


The year 7 unit introduces students to   basic practical  skills . The importance of   hygiene and safety in food   preparation   forms   the foundation of all practical work.  Activities include   a design and make brief   in which students are encouraged to work independently and consider healthy eating. At the end of the unit   students are given an assessment task before moving onto the next material area.  


Y8 Food Technology 


Year 8 food technology concentrates on the theme of  nutrition and  healthy eating.   Students analyse their own diet using ICT and identify ways to improve it through adapting  recipes in practical work .  A design and make task based on teenage dietary requirements involves working to a specification and creating their own individual product to suit their needs.  This work is assessed at the end of the unit.


Y9 Food Technology 


In year 9   food is an option  and prepares students for G.C.S.E.   Students have two hours per week in which they develop confidence and competence in a range of practical food skills and techniques.  Topics covered include: ,Understanding the functions and nutritional  properties of food, product analysis, using existing recipes to generate a range of ideas for food products.  In year 9 students are assessed on a regular basis using G.C.S.E criteria