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Essence Statement

“Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future.”
Michael Palin
GCSE Geography at All Saints is relevant, stimulating, interesting and develops within the individual a wide range of skills relevant to life and employment through a variety of modern issues and examples.
“The understanding of geography is central to industry for the efficient delivery of goods and services, and the commercial sector has an increasing need to employ people who understand the interaction between environment and society.”
Vanessa Lawrence, GIS Business Development Manager
Teaching Staff
Miss McDonnell
Mr McCormick
Miss Sharpe


KS3 Topics


Year 7

  • Map skills
  • World Map
  • Settlement
  • Rich and Poor
  • Crime
  • Tourism


Year 8

  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Rainforests and Deserts
  • Population
  • USA
  • Rivers


Examination Details
AQA Syllabus A

Year's 9, 10 and 11 are completing the AQA A Specification. This includes Controlled Assessment, worth 25% of the final mark as well as 2 written exams which will take place at the end of year 11. The first (unit 1) is a choice of 3 questions from 7 on Physical Geography (Restless Earth, Rivers, Coasts), the second is a choice of 3 questions from 6 on Human Geography (Population, Tourism, Urban Environments). The 2 exams are worth 37.5% each.


Course Details
As we are all too aware from logging on to the internet, opening newspapers or turning on our televisions, the world gets smaller and smaller every day. The course covers all aspects of world Geography including Tourism, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Rivers, Cities, Landscapes, Environmental Issues Rainforests etc. A range of ICT, video, text books and resources to cover examples from all over the world in a colourful and exciting way supports all the topics. Choice of topics is a central feature of the syllabus. There is an opportunity for more able students to take the GCSE a year early. There is also an opportunity for some students to follow the Certificate of Achievement course.


What can I do with a Geography qualification?
Geography is highly valued by a range of employers and education institutions for its combination of knowledge, integration and competence at training in key skills. Nationally it is one of the most popular optional GCSE subjects. Geography is ideally suited to careers in finance, personnel, planning conservation, public services, marketing, retailing, computing, management, civil service and many more.