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Design & Technology - Textiles

The Textiles course focuses of tasks and projects based around designing and making, delivered through the media of Textiles.  Projects are undertaken using a range of fibres and fabrics, letting students experience knowledge in a practical way.
Examination Board and Specification:  AQA Textiles Technology (Code 4572)


Year 7 Textiles


The year 7 unit introduces students to Textiles looking at what is textiles and the production of fabrics from fibres to fabric construction. The students will then complete a design and make project producing a cushion on the theme of world culture. They will apply direct techniques and hand stitch work taking into consideration health and safety during production.



Work is assessed through the unit with a final overall assessment grade given at the end of the unit with EBI targets.



Year 8 Textiles


Year 8 Textiles Technology concentrates on designing and making a tie taking into consideration industrial processes. They have a choice of 3 themes which are Graffiti Street Art, Portraits and Music from which they choose one theme.


The students research and design a range of tie ideas before developing it into a final design ready for making. Direct techniques are used to decorate the tie and the tie is manufactured using the sewing m/c taking into account   H & S.

Work is assessed through the unit with a final overall assessment grade given at the end of the unit with EBI targets.


Assessment Details:

Coursework: 60%.  This consists of a final coursework project that shows all the skills and knowledge acquired over the course giving students the opportunity to apply a range of techniques within the design context of their identified problem.  The final coursework project is undertaken in about 40 hours of supervised lesson time during Year 11.
Examination: 40%. The written paper is designed to test the students’ understanding of making, applying appropriate systems and designing ability.  A preparation sheet is issued on 1 March in the year of the exam, to highlight the design context to be covered in the exam paper.


Course Details:


Essential Theory:  Basic knowledge and skills associated with specific textile tools and equipment. Structures of Fibres and Fabric.

Essential Practical:  Textile techniques to apply a design on to fabric, Printing, Sewing, Knitting and Weaving.

Design and Make Project:  Mini project introducing basic skills and techniques within the Design Process:


- Research and Analysis                                 
- Development of ideas
- Development of a Design Brief                   
- Making
- Generating ideas                                         
- Evaluation