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Design & Technology - Resistant Materials

This is a course based around a range of design and make tasks and activities, delivered through the materials of Wood, Metal and Plastic.  Activities undertaken try to produce products and systems solving real life situations.
Examination Board and Specification:  AQA Resistant Materials (Code 4562)

Assessment Details:

Coursework: 60%. This consists of a final coursework project that shows all the skills and knowledge acquired over the course. The final project will usually take the form of usable / useful product, supported by a folio of graphical evidence. The final coursework project is undertaken in about 40 hours of supervised lesson time during Year 11.
Examination: 40%. The written paper is designed to test the students’ understanding of making, applying appropriate systems and designing ability. A preparation sheet is issued on 1 March in the year of the exam, to highlight the design context to be covered in the exam paper.

Course Details:


Designing:  The Design Process.  Identifying a need.  Design brief.  Research and analysis.  Generating ideas.  Development of ideas.  Evaluation.


Support Theory:  Ergonomics and Anthropometrics. Product Analysis. Presentation and Communication Skills, including ICT.  Aesthetic considerations.  Materials properties and uses.  Adhesives.


Making:  Manufacture Planning, Techniques, Processes and Issues.  Use of tools and      machines. CAD / CAM.  Quality control and assurance.  Health and Safety.


Additional Practices:  Control and mechanical systems.  Industrial practices.  Economic and business understanding.  Material characteristics.  Principles of production.  Social influences.