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Physical Education

 Essence Statement
PE has a unique contribution to make to the school’s curriculum and many students enjoy the challenge of the subject. The long term aims of the PE Department are:
  • That our students achieve their maximum potential
  • That they understand the importance of PE and a healthy lifestyle
  • That they leave school with a committed interest in some physical activity, or at the very least an appreciation of what is involved in skilful performance so that they can become knowledgeable spectators
To enable us to achieve these aims we try to cater for the needs of individuals by offering a variety of teaching styles. How successful we are depends on many factors including: changing attitudes in society; government policy; facilities; budget;
staffing; and most importantly the specific needs of our students.
Teaching Staff
Mr T Foley (Faculty Leader)
Mrs K MacIntyre   (Faculty Leader Assistant)
Mr N Kelly (SSCO)
Mrs A Ryder
Mr A Perrons
Mrs T Logan
A wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered by many dedicated and enthusiastic members of staff.
GCSE Physical Education
Examination Details: Edexcel
The GCSE course does not have any entry requirements, but an interest and ability in games is essential. The assessment is a combination of theory and practical; a final examination worth 40% of the final grade; and 4 practical activities (60%) chosen from invasion games (eg football, netball), net/wall games (eg badminton, tennis), and striking/fielding/target games (eg cricket, rounders). You must select at least 2 areas. The course allows you to be assessed as either a performer, leader or official.
Course Details
Since this is a practical course, those opting for it should be healthy and reasonably fit, and be prepared to participate in outdoor games in all weather conditions.
There is also an element of analysis of performance which involves observing other students in a games situation and commenting on their technique.
The syllabus covers the following areas:
  • the body in action: anatomy & physiology
  • factors affecting performance
  • taking part in sport: training methods, analysis of performance
  • safety: injury prevention and treatment, drug use and abuse
The aims of the syllabus are:
  • To improve the candidate’s ability to plan, perform and evaluate physical activity
  • To increase the candidate’s knowledge and understanding about physical activity
  • To promote the value of physical exercise as part of healthy living
In the practical sessions the candidate should be able to demonstrate:
  • A degree of competence in selected physical activities
  • An ability to analyse and improve their own and others’ performance
  • Knowledge and understanding of the factors affecting performance, and the reasons and opportunities for participation in physical activities

 Non-Examination Course Details
We try to offer as broad a range as possible, and in recent years these have included:
  • Football for both boys and girls
  • Mixed hockey
  • Basketball for both boys and girls
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis for both boys and girls
  • Athletics for both boys and girls
  • Rounders
  • Rugby league boys and girls
What can I do with a Physical Education qualification?
Studying Physical Education is useful for PE teaching, the armed forces, professional sport, physiotherapy, the police, fire service, sports centre and swimming pool attendants, sports coaching. Personal Fitness Trainer, Access to Higher Education, Human Biology based proficiency or PE teacher.