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Religious Education

Essence Statement

Studying  Religious Eduction At All Saints
Religious Education is at the core of your curriculum and educational experience at All Saints.  At a Catholic College you will pray and worship as a community but RE also offers you other dimensions in the curriculum which are essential to your growth and preparation for life after All Saints.


Religious Development
You will be given opportunities to

  • Gain knowledge about your religion
  • Ask questions about God and reliigon
  • Develop and live out your faith
  • Understand what it means to be a Catholic in your college community, parish and worldwide church
  • Learn about other religions in your community (similarities and differences)
  • Understand the inpact of faith on people’s lives
  • Develop tolerance and awareness of other faiths, their worship, practices and celebrations
  • Pray daily and celebrate mass
  • Listen to, read and learn about Jesus’ life and teachings



Teaching Staff
Ms C O’Neill
Mr C Rushton
Miss R Coyle
Miss M Durkin


What Will I Get Out of RE?
The Big Stuff

When you study our curriculum at All Saints you will be given opportunities to learn about, consider, reflect and plan the Big Stuff that happens in life. 
You will learn how to think about, talk about and make decision about the Big Stuff.


  • Big Life Momements, birth, sacraments life, illness, death
  • Relationships
  • Family Life
  • Vocation and Career
  • Know a variety of view points about abortion, euthanasia, war and life choices, including how to safeguard ethical standards
  • Aquire the skills to listen to others and develop your own point of view
  • Become more self aware of everyday choices, actions and responsibilities involved with being a good citizen
  • How to use Christian Authority and when
  • Coping strategies during difficult times including misfortunes and bereavment


You will be given opportunities to


  • Acknowledge, embrace and develop your identity and place in society
  • Plan your life journey as part of God’s creation
  • Reflect on your achievements
  • Meditate
  • Understand emotional connections with others though similar life experiences, good and bad
  • Learn various beliefs about the afterlife
  • Develop your understanding and connection to God’s Kingdom here on Earth and in Heaven


You will be given opportunities to

  • Learn God’s 10 Commandments and understand the importance of being obedient to God’s law
  • Develop awareness of the laws in our society and the justice system
  • Develop your thoughts and voice about Injustice in the world and how you can make a positive impact (e.g. CAFOD days)
  • Know how to develop and use the fruits of the Holy Spirit in your life (e.g peace, gentleness, love and joy)
  • Develop your own conscience as a guide to living a Christian life
  • Become more educated about causes of everyday conflict and know strategies to avoid conflict or ways to resolve them    


The VLE resource Moodle is updated regularly with keywords and homework.  Keywords and homeworks are handed out by classroom teachers.   If a pupil should loose their homework it can be downloaded from Moodle in the RE section.  Please write a note in the college planner if there is any support you require.