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All pupils in Key Stage 3 are taught ICT for one period per week during each of Years 7, 8 and 9. This gives every pupil an excellent opportunity to develop their ICT skills to the full. Pupils at KS3 broadly follow the QCA Schemes of Work which have been adapted by us to suit our pupils. Internet safety and responsible use of new technologies is encouraged in year 7. Pupils are also taught to use industry standard software in producing websites and complete a multimedia project in year 8. The result is an interesting and varied programme of study which will stimulate and challenge.


Programme of study


At All Saints we follow the Key Stage 3 National Strategy. This scheme is designed with two key aims:

  • To allow students the opportunity to develop skills using a variety of software that will help them with their studies and future careers.


  • To provide access to the National Curriculum entitlement in ICT.


What does this mean for students at All Saints?

Through the Key Stage 3 strategy our students will become increasingly independent, discerning users of ICT. They will:-

  • Develop an ability to judge when and how to use ICT.


  • Be able to make judgements about the quality and reliability of the products they have developed. 


  • Engage in increasingly complex tasks with a clear focus, efficiency and rigour. 



The strategy is organised into three themes, each of which is broken down into three key



Finding things out

Developing ideas and making things happen

 Exchanging and sharing

Using data and information sources

Analysing and automating processes

Fitness for purpose

Searching and selecting

Models and Modelling

Refining and presenting information

Organising and investigating

Control and monitoring