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Key Stage 3 Religious Education

Key Stage 3 Programme of Study


Year 7 Programme of Study
In year seven pupils are making a very important transition from Primary education into Secondary education.  The programme of study has been carefully organised to ensure pupils enjoy the transition and make good progress.  Pupils will gain skills in self-reflection, Bible referencing and investigation.
Autumn 1: Community (Local and Global)
Autumn 2: Sikhism (Main World Religion)
Spring 1: Telling Biblical Stories
Spring 2: Lent and Holy week
Summer 1: Marks Gospel
Summer 2: Christianity (The Early Church and Denominations)



Year 8 Programme of Study
The year 8 programme of study has been popular amongst pupils for many years now.  Pupils build on learning beginning with God’s Covenant with Noah, Abraham, Joseph and Moses.  Pupils also look at Abraham’s two sons and their religions today; Judaism and Islam.  Pupils also study the sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Pupils will gain skills in analysing, evaluation, application and critical thinking.

Autumn 1: Covenant: God’s promise
Autumn 2: Judaism (Main World Religion)
Spring 1: Sacraments of Initiation
Spring 2: Conflict and Forgiveness
Summer 1: Sacraments of Healing
Summer 2: Islam (Main World Religion)