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 Japan earthquake and tsunami

 On the 11th of March local time at 2:46pm, devastation struck Japan, when a horrific earthquake hit, the epicentre being Sendai. Closely followed by a 7 meter high tsunami wave, that caused mass destruction. The wave first hit the north-eastern coast spreading over most of Japan.



Here is some footage of when the wave first hit. 



Only a few places were not affected by the tsunami. However quakes with a magnitude of 8.9, followed by hundreds of large aftershocks which struck Tokyo, the large sky scrapers were threatening to collapse.

Over 9000 people were killed and over 13500 are still missing. Homes and cars were swept away destroying bridges, buildings and roads. Cars were trying to outrun the gigantic wave but were washed away with it. Cars and trains have been swallowed up by the wave, automatically killing people inside. As the water level decreased, rescue teams from different countries all over the world were sent looking for any survivors.



In Fukushima, three nuclear reactors have exploded, due to hydrogen gas that built up in their containment buildings. Radiation has leaked from the reactors into the nearby area. Many people have been evacuated from their homes. Radiation has been found in products such as milk, and many different vegetables. Iodine radiation has been found in the Japanese water supply. The Government has warned parents to not give there young children the water because the radiation hazard. Bottled water has been disappearing of the shelves, as desperate shoppers stock up.



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Japan was hit by one of the most powerful Earthquakes in history and easily the largest they’ve ever experienced in their country, but can it possibly get any worse?

 At 2.46pm local time on the 11th March Japan was hit by an Earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale, which is the strongest to hit since the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake!

 If you thought things couldn’t get any worse the Earthquake, in which the Epicentre was Sendai, triggered a giant Tsunami.

 The waves were measured to be 33 feet tall as they hit Japan and waves of 6 feet have been reported in the United States because of the tragic event.

The Tsunami has killed over 1000 people in Japan with many missing and feared dead. The UK Administer States ‘ our country will try and do everything to help Japan and the few British citizens stranded there. So far there has been no known British casualties.’

 The Tsunami has caused a lot of devastation throughout Japan and now because of explosions and radiation leaks many people are beginning to panic!



There has been a reported 3 explosions at the nuclear plants caused by the Tsunami and many people have been evacuated and radiation has been found in products like Milk and 13 different Vegetables.


The United States has stopped all food imported from Japan entering the country because of the radiation hazards and many people in and around Japan are being very wary of what they are eating.


It has been reported that high levels of Iodine radiation has got into the Japanese water supply and the Government have told all parents not to give their small infants the water as the levels are way to higher than the legal rate for small infants.

 After the report on the radiation in the water supply many shops ran out of bottled water in less than 3 hours! Mothers were worried about their child’s health and spent all day searching for safe bottled water for them to drink.


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Amazing Survival for a Young Girl in Japan 

It’s two weeks since Japan was hit by the BIGGEST earthquake in its history.

Ten-year-old Isabel was at school in Tokyo when the earthquake hit, she said “it was one of the scariest days of my life.”

Isabel; an earthquake survivor.

for the last four years Isabel has lived in Tokyo.

She said the week of the earthquake was scarier than the  earthquake itself, because no-one knew what was going to happen and she isn't scared of going back to Tokyo.

Ever since They've been travelling between Osaka and Tokyo, to try and stay as far away from the ruins as possible. Now her family have decided to come back to the UK for a while. She said “most of my Japanese friends are staying with relatives in the south of the country.”

Her whole house was shaken by aftershocks, and she slept in the same room as her parents, so the family could be together


Isabel’s family are leaving Japan in the summer they have been planning to move back to Britain anyway.

But they want to go back to Japan to live there for as long as

possible before then, and pack up their things.

"Me and my friend got back from our Japanese lesson and everyone was under the tables. We didn't understand why, because nothing was shaking, but then the clock fell and everything started shaking so we ran to get under the table.” 

She said that after surviving the 'the big one' she feels like she can handle going back to her home in Japan.

The earthquake was felt in Tokyo, hundreds of miles from its epicentre!


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