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Myddleton Grange

 Myddelton Grange is the Youth Retreat House of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Leeds. It was opened in June 2002. This 46 bedded facility is surrounded by more than 100 acres of woodland and farmland and it continues the work of retreat and spiritual renewal which began on this site in 1922 by the Passionist Fathers who are a religious order. The mission of Myddelton Grange is to the young people of the Diocese, through their schools and parishes and also to those outside the diocese.

The retreat House has 20 twin bedded and 4 single rooms. Two of the twin bedded rooms are disability adapted. (If the disabled facilities are not needed, these two rooms can accommodate 3 people). There are 2 public rooms which seat 50 people and two smaller rooms, including the Library, which have seating for 20 and 12 people. The bedrooms at Myddelton Grange are en-suite twin rooms with the exception of disabled rooms which are triple rooms. There are two corridors, one for the girls and one for the boys with a large landing and meeting area between the two. The rooms are comfortable, safe and have outstanding views of the surrounding area. 




The BBC Team interviewed people about their trip to Myddleton Grange:

Everyone who was interviewed liked it there

Favorite activities were things such as the long walk around the moors and a couple of people even said that they liked everything.

The trip was priced to the school children at £85 for the whole thing. Most people said the price was reasonable but a few said it was okay, but this depends on how much money their family has.

The answers to the question “What was the food like?” were things like nice, good and okay. People suggested improvements like having a wider range of food.

Everyone thinks that the rooms were big and clean.

I asked them to rate it overall out of five. 60% of people gave it 4/5, 20% gave it 4.5/5 and 20% gave it 5/5!

Everyone said that they would go again.




History ;

Myddelton has been a Catholic stronghold in the North of England since the 16th Century when the Middleton’s of Myddelton Lodge sustained the Catholic faith in and around likely. Since 1922 Myddleton has been the site of a retreat centre, originally based in Myddleton Lodge and run by the Cross and Passion Fathers. In the mid 80s the Lodge was sold to the Diocese of Leeds and continued to run as a retreat centre until the year of the Great Jubilee 2000 when the decision was taken to redevelop the retreat facilities on the Myddelton site. Myddelton Lodge itself was sold and the retreat house built by the Passionist Fathers in 1959 was demolished. In the following eighteen months a new residence and chapel were built on the site and the latter dedicated to St Mary and St Margaret Clitherow, was opened and consecrated by Bishop Konstant, on the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, 27th June 2002. The new Retreat House, which can accommodate 44 guests, has a primary mission to the young people of the Leeds Diocese but at weekends and outside term times is available to adult groups, ecumenical groups and others who wish to take advantage of the excellent new facilities.


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