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The Budget 2011


George Osbourne: Budget 2011





You may have heard your parents complaining about the price of driving you to and from school. And you’re probably wondering why they have been a bit grumpy lately. The answer is the budget. This means the amount of money the Government can spend. They were thinking about making petrol prices higher but now they have changed their minds and are saving your parents money!

Although they are being rather nice and saving us money, the Treasury, who are like the bank managers of the government, have to pay £1.5bn just to save your parents money!



And, although the government is trying to save us money and they respect that the cost of running a business is pricey, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development are trying to say that what the Government are doing is putting too many laws on people. Such as, when people are pregnant they get some time off work to give birth to care for the baby. The government are saying that small businesses don’t have to give the people that work for them time off if they are pregnant because it will save the company money.

But if a mother doesn’t take a full year’s maternity leave the father will be able to take the months the mum didn’t take off into their leave so they will get a big leave.

This is good for the owners of the businesses because they will be saving money but it will be bad for the employees because they won’t be able to take time off to bond and care for their child.



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