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The Royal Wedding


 Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry on April 29, 2011, which has been declared a bank holiday in celebration. It is said to be a great, fun and exciting day and many people can’t wait.


William met Kate in college - becoming friends, then roommates (or flat-mates) in their sophomore year at St. Andrew's University in Scotland in 2001 and had been dating since 2003. He couple's relationship was exposed in 2005 when they were photographed together on the Swiss ski slopes of Klosters. They split briefly in 2007. Eventually They got engaged in October 2010, but the announcement took place on 16 November 2010. He proposed on holiday in Kenya.

William gave Kate his mother’s (princess Diana) sapphire and diamond ring saying: "It was right to put the two together." He also said it was "my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today and the excitement".


The Queen said she was "absolutely delighted" for them both. Did you know if William was under the age of 25 he would have had to ask the queen’s (his grandmother) permission to marry Kate!

Some people however aren’t so excited about the royal wedding. Graphic artist Lydia Leith, 24, from Carlisle, Cumbria, says she has sold thousands of "Royal wedding sick bags. We’ve heard so much about the royal wedding already and I'd heard so many people saying they were sick of it. I sent the sick bags out to some graphic design magazines I like and in no time it was all over Twitter. I did it as a joke. I never knew it was going to take off as it has. “

But so people are very desperate like a 19-year-old Mexican woman is on a hunger strike in front of the British Embassy in Mexico City in hopes of getting an invitation to the upcoming royal wedding. 


She has written on a flier she's posted nearby "Are they going to let me die just because they wouldn't give me an invitation to the royal wedding?"

Michael and Carole Middleton will be paying towards their daughter's wedding to Prince William next April.

The self-made millionaires have insisted on a contribution to the royal event, and are said to want to pay for a specific aspect of the wedding, like the honeymoon or Kate's dress, rather than make an overall, more "impersonal" contribution.

After all, the wedding is going to cost millions.


The wedding will be held at west minster abbey afterward the newlyweds will arrive at Buckingham palace in a horse drawn carriage for champagne and canopies. 


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