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Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir began last academic year when the Chaplaincy team were introduced to a very special lady called Penny Steade. Penny's vision of launching a successful gospel choir has come to fruition. Tirelessly, the gospel choir meet every week to practice, practice, practice! The spectacular 50 Year Celebration Mass is viewed as the true launch of the All Saints Gospel Choir. Kindly some of the adults from our own community came to join us on the day and what a performance they all gave! All the choir members have shown enthusiasm and determination. They are all proud of their achievement so far. Now the pressure is on to attract more students to the choir and to build on their success and the new recruits are rolling in especially from our new year 7 pupils. Lets Meet Penny....! 

Interviewer: Hello Penny. Thank you for being a fantastic Choir Director. Our first question is - How old are you?
Penny: None of your business!!!
Interviewer: Where were you born?
Penny: Bermuda.
Interviewer: Who lives with you?
Penny: My husband and 4 children - oh and the pets. My close family live in Bermuda and the USA.
Interviewer: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Penny: Short, friendly and blessed.
Interviewer: What is your FIRST MEMORY?
Penny: My baby brother being born.
Interviewer: What is your BEST MEMORY?
Penny: My dad reading stories.
Interviewer: What is your funniest memory?
Penny: People say I look young for my age and I remember a lady in town asked how old I was and then she accused me of being a teen mum!
Interviewer: What has been your SADDEST MEMORY?
Penny: When my Dad died.
Interviewer: What one thing would you like to tell everyone?
Penny: The ASCHC Gospel Choir are taking part in a Gospel Concert in Huddersfield on Sunday 16th October. If you would like to come and join us please contact school or email Miss Coyle ( 
Interview by C Ngabire and D Murphy - Year 11 Students