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Mrs Gray Wedding

Gray’s Wedding Service, singing a series of wonderful songs at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Halifax on Friday 27th July 2012.


Penny (our choir director) was always determined that we would give a spectacular performance. The day before, we had rehearsed to a very high standard and we all felt quite confident.


On the day we assembled at the front of the church and practiced until husband to be, James, arrived.  James, his best man and supporters were very impressed, but this was when I think we all began to feel a little nervous.  The Church was slowly filling up and the students were asking "when is Miss Gray due to arrive?" 


We (myself, Miss Coyle, Miss Hill and Penny knew the wedding start time was 12.30 but our students thought it was 12.00 noon!).  As the church filled up with family and friends we began to sing and continued during the service.  Our songs included: Give Me Joy in My Heart, Hallelujah Salvation and Glory and Sing the Praises to the King.


Miss Gray was a beautiful sight when she arrived and walked down the central aisle with her father.
Later in the service, she kissed her husband and our students smiled and laughed.


Miss Gray’s parents both thanked all the choir members (and band) for their beautiful performance (her Mum cried on my shoulder).  Other guests also thanked us and said we were super.

Miss Gray is now married to Mr McDonnell.


You never know - All Saints Gospel choir could sing at the wedding of your family or friends!!