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50 Years Celebrations

A headline from a copy of the Examiner in June 1961 reads ‘New school’s aim: ’partnership of school and parents’ . As we celebrate fifty years of Catholic education on the site of what is now All Saints Catholic College, our aim remains the same. As we reflect on our journey so far, whilst much about our College, about education, about society and indeed about life has changed there are some central values at the heart of our mission that have remained unaltered. Mr Gerald Fee, the first Headteacher of the comprehensive school of All Saints, comprising the old St Gregory’s Grammar School and St Augustine’s Secondary Modern School told the audience at the Speech Day for the new school  ‘We are mindful of the role we must play in the development of young people in our charge....we see our purpose as to assist in the physical, moral spiritual and intellectual endowments of those entrusted to our care. We continue this work today. We are celebrating our fiftieth anniversary this year, paying tribute to the dedication of the many who worked hard to build the community of All Saints and we are looking to the future with optimism and hope. When

All Saints Catholic College is celebrating! Fifty years ago, two separate schools were opened on this site. St Gregory’s and St Augustine’s eventually combined to become All Saints School (now College) Our celebrations are marking the dedication and commitment of the Catholic community to the education of young people. Whilst many things have changed over the past fifty years, our central mission remains the same, summed up in the words ’To love and to serve’