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Attendance Policy 2013-2014

All Students have a fundamental right to a good education. All Saints Catholic College aims to provide an environment where Students want to attend, feel safe and want to learn. The importance of regular school attendance cannot be over estimated; indeed it is a prerequisite to a good education. Encouraging and securing maximum attendance must be a high priority for teachers, governors, parents and the students themselves- it is therefore a whole school issue.



Our Mission


All Saints Catholic College is one founded on mutual love and care for the individual in which the faith of the Church forms the basis of all activities. Christ is our model in striving for excellence in all that we do and in valuing the contributions and gifts of all members of our community. We are committed to providing a full and efficient educational experience for all of our Students, working with home and the parish to help us achieve this aim together with one strand of our 5 A’s, Attendance and in line with our Behaviour for Learning approach.



Policy Objectives


This policy aims to;

  • Develop positive attributes in Students towards regular attendance.
  • Recognise and reward students with good attendance.
  • Include parents in the process of improving attendance
  • Resolve problems of non attendance in a professional and sensitive manner.


At All Saints we will:-

  • have incentives and regularly celebrate students with 95% or above attendance .
  • have written statements in the school newsletter to promote good attendance.
  • identify students with poor attendance prior to transfer from primary schools and meet with them before they start in September
  • display attendance rates around college and recognise improved attendance.
  • encourage students to monitor and record their attendance in their Planners
  • keep parents and carers informed about their child’s attendance.
  • to have systems in place which allow students easy transition back into school after prolonged absences.  For example individual student timetables or regular contact with the Local Authority’s Attendance and Pupil Support Officer.
  • ensure regular evaluation of attendance procedures.
  • promote positive and non judgemental staff attitude to students returning to College after absence.
  • complete registers accurately at the beginning of each morning and start of all lessons, using SIMS lesson Monitor.
  • act on any college based issues which may affect attendance and punctuality.
  • send a Text Message home to notify parents if their child has not arrived in College and prior notice has not been given.



Roles and Responsibilities:


From students

  • to attend college on all possible occasions or to bring a note from home explaining cause of absence.
  • to arrive on time and appropriately prepared or to bring a note from home explaining lateness.
  • to arrive punctually for each lesson.  Staff delaying a student must provide a note in the journal explaining the delay.



From Parents

  • to ensure that their children attend college on all possible occasions, arrive on time and appropriately prepared and equipped to allow them to engage fully with their lessons.
  • to contact the college if students are absent o the day of absence.
  • to ensure that a written note of explanation is sent to the college when absence has been unavoidable  on the day students return from the absence.
  • to contact the college, in confidence, when any problems occur which may affect their child’s attendance and punctuality.



From Form Tutors

  • to accurately record attendance and punctuality in all form periods using SIMS Lesson Monitor.
  • to monitor individuals student attendance and punctuality by checking and signing Planners
  •  signing journals on a weekly basis for attendance and punctuality issues and ensuring the appropriate action is taken.
  • verify absence by requesting a note or a telephone call in the journal.
  • to mentor students and advise and counsel parents if attendance and punctuality give cause for concern.
  • to act on any college based issues which may affect attendance punctuality.  (whilst maintaining confidentiality amongst students and staff concerning reasons for absence)
  • to recognise and encourage good attendance and punctuality within the form group in line with the college’s behaviour and rewards procedures, using the College’s Recording System.


From Subject Tutors and Faculty Leaders

  • to accurately record attendance and punctuality in all lessons using SIMs Lesson Monitor.
  • to monitor individual student attendance and punctuality and action and refer to Achievement Coordinators.
  • to inform  Student Services about the absence of students of concern within 10 mins of the lesson starting.
  • to inform the form tutor about attendance concerns.
  • to inform Faculty Leaders about the need for parental phone call if a student fails to attend lessons.
  • to act on any college based issues which may affect attendance and punctuality. (whilst maintaining confidentiality amongst students and staff concerning reasons for absence).
  • to provide Dept support during referrals to Faculty and Head of Years when appropriate.
  • to recognise and encourage good attendance and punctuality within the Faculty.



From Achievement Co ordintors

  • to ensure first day contact with parents when students are absent and keep a log of all their follow up action.
  • to attend the weekly and/or fortnightly  meetings with the School LA Attendance and Pupil Support Officer to review Year Group  attendance data and liaise with Form tutors on a fortnightly basis with regard to issues arising.
  • to ensure they and Form tutors follow the attendance procedures and complete any returns acting on a request/needs basis.
  • To collate, review and action attendance on punctuality data on the Year group as appropriate on a WEEKLY needs basis with the Head of Key Stage 3/4 during the Achievement Coordinators Meetings
  • to keep and upto date list of “ students of concern” within their year group that is updated fortnightly and passed to Faculty Leaders and Tutors for immediate action
  • to contact parents in response to concerns about attendance and punctuality on an needs basis and  to help establish individual attendance action plans in line with college procedures with the help of the Attendance and Pupil Support Officer
  • Sanction unauthorised absences with a range of responses, in line with current behaviour policy, depending on circumstances.  These will include: counselling; monitoring report, the withdrawal of privileges: extra work set; detention, referral to the School’s LA Attendance and Pupil and Support Officer.


From the Key Stage 3 & 4 Manager /BfL Manager


  • to provide training and support to ensure From Tutors and Achievement Co- ordinators  accurately record attendance and that pupils are actioned and referred as appropriate.
  • to help and lead the development of all aspects of attendance within their key stage including setting aspirational targets and an action plan for improvement in:
    • Form group, year group and key stage attendance.
    • Attendance of subgroups including EAL. EMA, Girls, Boys, FSM, SEN.
    • Attendance at parental events.
  • to implement spot checks to ensure the above college procedures and expectations of student, parents and college staff are being fulfilled and undertake quality assurance checks throughout.


Attendance Procedures

Registers are legal documents and must be marked accurately.  Any problems must be referred to the Admin Support in Student Services.  Accurate registration is essential.  There must be a mark for every student, either present / \, absent  N, or late  L.

If students arrive late for College they enter School via the Canteen where they will be met by a member of Student Services, with SLT support to obtain:

  • a P1 Punctuality slip which details the reason for late arrival
  • unless the lateness to College is a legitimate one (e.g. School bus late, accident etc) the Students will receive a C3 SLIP WHICH IS A 30 MIN DETENTION to be completed the following day
  • a late stamp in planners
  • if appropriate a Text will be sent to Parents.


All lesson registers should be completed within the first 15 minutes of the start of lessons. There is a screen saver message on all Teachers Computers as a reminder.



Absence Procedures

All Saints operates a system of:

  • First Day Absence calling parents/carers where no notification of absence has been received before 11.30 am by the Attendance             Officer in Student Services.
  • Text Home        texting of Parents to explain Student Absences


Amendments to Absences  Procedures from September 2013

The Department for Education have made amendments to the 2006 regulations with regard to school attendance. Previously Headteachers were allowed to grant leave of absence during term time of up to 10 school days if the leave of absence application met the criteria set out by the Department for Education.

From 1st September 2013 this is no longer the case. Under new regulations schools are no longer allowed to authorise leave of absence for family holidays. From September Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence for students during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

In summary, as from 1st September 2013

  • All Saints Catholic College will not authorise leave of absence for family holidays.
  • Any leave of absence requests must be put in writing to the Headteacher who will only authorise it in exceptional circumstances. It is vital that Parents ensure permission is granted for leave of absence before making any arrangements.

All Saints actively discourage student’s leave of absence in term time and will take the following into account:

a)      The reason for the leave and why this could not be taken in college Holidays.

b)      The number of days requested.

c)       Previous requests for leave in term time.

d)      The child’s attendance and punctuality record.

e)      The time of year, for example examination timetable.

f)       The possible impact of leave on child’s learning

Parents need to be aware that if they take their child out of school without prior agreement from the Headteacher, from September 2013, you could face a Penalty Notice and be fined £60  (if payment is within 21 days) or £120 (if payment is  within 28 days)

At All Saints the reduction of unexplained unauthorised absence is of foremost importance and therefore all such absences are vigorously pursued by all staff.

On returning to school a student must bring a signed LETTER from a parent or carer stating the reason(s) for absence with dates.






Form Tutor


Achievement Co -ordinator


Informal discussions by Form Tutor



Note in planner and monitor




Investigate and inform Achievement Co-ordinator


Interview student relay any information to Form  Tutor


Investigate and inform Achievement Coordinator.

Contact Parents via Phone


7/half term

Investigate and inform BfL Manager who may make a referral to the Attendance and Pupil Support Officer.



Attendance Punctuality letter to be sent home.


7+ or any suspicion of a habit/pattern

Investigate and refer to Head of Key stage 3/4.

 Attendance and Pupil Support Officer to be informed. Possible home visit.






Action Plan to be trigged in consultation with Attendance and Pupil Support Officer and Head of Key stage 3/4




Day 1

Note or phone call not received


Contact made with home by Student Services via Text

Day 3

No further explanation of absence

Achievement Coordinators informed

Phonecall/letter requesting Doctors note of further confirmation of reasons for absence, by Achievement Coordinators

Day 6

No explanation of absence –referral made to Head of key stage 3/4  and Attendance and Pupil Support Officer

Meeting with LA Attendance and Pupil and Support Officer. Attendance & Punctuality Letter sent home.

Day 10

No explanation of absence


Achievement Coordinator and/or Attendance Officer and Pupil Support Officer to conduct Home visit


 Focus- Lateness- Text Message to Parents:


(Student’s name) was marked late (AM or PM) at All Saints Catholic College (DAY /MONTH/YEAR)